Passionate ESL teacher with a love for cars & photography!

Giacomo (Jack) Cochi

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Passionate ESL teacher with a love for cars & photography!
British / Italian
General English, Business English
English, Italian, French
Dubai, UAE


I was born in Rome, Italy from an English father and an Italian mother. I have lived in different countries (USA, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands and UAE). My early years were spent in the United States and during most of my studies I lived in Italy, but for most of my life I have lived in France, all the while travelling around the world, and very frequently to the UAE. These experiences make me a native English and Italian speaker and a native level French speaker. I have now been based in Dubai for over 2 years.

I have always been passionate about teaching and I have always enjoyed helping my classmates learn English and even sometimes assisting my English teachers during high school in France.

I started teaching right after graduating high school and through my university years as a part time activity. I realised that I wanted to pursue English Teaching as a career so I decided to get CELTA qualified in 2016. I continued teaching part time until I had an opportunity to move to Dubai. Since late 2018, I have been teaching with the wonderful team at Speak English Language Institute in Dubai. I teach mostly General English but more recently I have started teaching Business English in a major engineering and construction company in Dubai as well as with some private students.

As well as teaching I am very passionate about cars and I am involved in the car industry in Dubai where I help manage one of the biggest car clubs as well as organize events and do photography.

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Giacomo (Jack) Cochi

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