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About Us

SpokenEnglish.courses is an online company owned by Speak English Institute, a language institute founded in 2013 in Dubai specialised in teaching English & Exam preparation.

We specialise in delivering live online English classes using start-of-the-art virtual classrooms. We believe in quality language training and keep our groups to 8 students or less to be able to provide excellent individual support to all student.

SpokenEnglish.courses was founded out of the need to extend our reach to students from all over the world.

A Speak English Institute company. Learn more about us here.
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Our mission and values

Mission 1: to provide affordable quality online English training to non-native English speakers. We design live online courses & on-demand recorded courses to enable our students to have flexibility and choice.

Mission 2: to offer companies quality on-demand English training courses tailored to their specific needs.

Our Values:

  • Quality online training: everyone deserves the best
  • Affordable education: no-one should overpay
  • Customer focused: everyone is unique
  • Honesty and transparency: no surprises along the way

Who do we help?


SpokenEnglish.courses is an online platform designed for online adult education. We provide general and specialised online English courses to help non-native English speaking adults improve their confidence speaking English in their daily & professional lives.

We have been working in adult education for over 15 years and have helped students from over 155 countries improve their English both socially and professionally.

SpokenEnglish.courses provides a tailor-made service for companies looking for English training. We develop pre-recorded courses designed for each company's needs which can be used on their private LMS or CMS website.

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The Team

We are small friendly and professional team that has a passion for three things: The English language, technology, and wine. We have brought all of our skills together to bring you unparalleled online English training. Be believe in quality education and our mission is to help our students become confident communicating in English.

In a less formal way, we all know each other and have worked together for many years. So if you like the idea of studying with a bunch of great teachers who are all friends and family, give us a try, we're sure that you you'll love learning with us. Why not have a free trial class with one of us so you get to see for yourself?

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